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The Rustic DJ from Smooth Moves Events is a bespoke and specialist DJ service dedicated to Barn, Farm & Country weddings. Mixing professional sound and lighting with a completely rustic visual, we aim to enhance your beautiful rustic styled wedding and give you the opportunity to have a one of a kind DJ experience.


The cute little details of your rural wedding dream should be matched in every way, and this goes for your DJ service as well. Our "Rustic" DJ set ups are one of a kind and we can even go further than that, tailoring the designs especially for you. 

Being very prop based, we have the ability to change colours, styles, greenery, flowers, and most aspects of each set up, Finally now you can have a DJ set up to match your country wedding, and also a DJ set up that is completely yours. 

We are Oxfordshire based but do get in touch if your wedding is further afield and we can see if your venue is within our travel radius.


 our story


our wish

"To offer wedding couples a completely personal and unique DJ experience, one that is bespoke in soundtrack but also in visual appearance"

The Rustic DJ


We believe the appearance of your wedding DJ set up falls under the decor of your venue. It is a backdrop to your first dance, a backdrop to where your guests will enjoy the evening reception and it is a strong visual for the wedding reception. Our wish is to match your rural venue in appearance and also give you an input on how everything looks. If you are having a rustic styled wedding then most likely you have thought of different little touches to keep true to this style and your venue, however @ The Rustic DJ we are here to take that to the next level. 

Country weddings are not only what we do, but also what we love. 

Rustic DJ Booth

we make dj set ups cute.


The Rustic DJ is firstly a DJ service meaning we only use professional sound systems and lighting. Maintaining a high end performance on the equipment side of things is a must however good the set up looks!

The songs in the DJ set are mixed together like you would find from a nightclub or festival DJ set. Mixing the songs together is the second best way to keep guests dancing, with choosing good music obviously being top. Creating a seamless transition between each song keeps the energy, vibe and also keeps everyone entertained. It also allows for so much more music to be played and lends itself to throwing in surprises along the way. 

You can also offer must play/do not play guidelines for the DJ set. It is great to throw a bit of YOU in to the evening and in the free meeting we can chat about music tastes.



@ Rustic DJ HQ the goal is to make our services as bespoke as possible. An example of this would be the quirky way that guests can make requests. We have individual request cards where songs and names can be written down so guests can make requests in a more creative and fun way. These can either work as table favours if booking an all day package or they can be collected by guests from a crate before the evening reception starts. This gets guests talking and interacting before the dancing starts and is also a great way to make them feel special.

Behind our rustic dj booth the rustic feel continues as we use the request cards to make a visual playlist, this means that guests can see when their request is and it also lends itself to fun interaction between your wedding party and us! 

PoppyCarterPortraits-WeddingPhotography-MaryjaHarry-1519 (1).jpg
IMG_1673 2.JPG

peace of mind

before the day

& on the day

Here at The Rustic DJ we understand how stressful planning a wedding can be so we strive to make booking our services as easy and safe as possible. Firstly this is achieved by having full public liability insurance and making sure all the electrical equipment used is regularly PAT tested for safety purposes. This allows us to be welcomed by your venue and means the relationship between us and your venue can be as positive as possible. Secondly each booking comes with a signed contract stating all the details of services and timings, this means you can relax knowing everything is transparent and on record.


Our free optional meeting is also a perfect way to feel at ease with your booking. It is great to not be strangers on the day, and also this lends itself to brainstorming further little ideas that might work for your day. We always make contact with new venues to make sure we are on first name terms with the team and to discover all the quirks the venue may have. 

Not only do we offer a free face to face meeting, we also offer a showcase evening every 6 months. This is an evening where you can come and see everything set up in person. You can ask any questions and it helps with planning the style you may like. It is basically a wedding fair that is dedicated to our services and evening entertainment.

Being able to relax about the booking is the best way to get the most from it. Once you don't have to worry about these stresses we can then spend time getting creative and putting our energy into the ideas rather than the worries. 

Abi & Ben-600.jpg

our venue friends

We are very lucky to have so many amazing country venues that recommend our services. It is so nice to work with local venues that we visit all year round. We do visit any venue that fits our style within a travel radius however here are the ones that recommend you get the rustic dj in your life. 

the great barn













barn &tipi



swallows nest barn.jpeg






rackleys barn.jpeg





blackwell grange.jpeg





White on Transparent.png

Professional speaker system

Professional dance floor lighting

Professional DJ

Bespoke Rustic DJ set up

Bespoke first dance lighting

Personal playlist where requested

Meeting in person 

Showcase evening

Full support up until the day
4 uplighters
PAT test certificate

Public liability insurance


This takes care of your evening DJ entertainment and the dance floor lighting. We would set up your Rustic DJ set up just before the evening reception and provide DJ services until the end of the night. Usually this would start when your evening guests arrive however with this package a set up any time after 5pm is available.  This allows enough time to get everything looking perfect and according to plan and then it is time to party!

The lighting we use for our DJ packages is intelligent lighting, so we can have complete control over it via laptop/lighting desk. This allows us to create the perfect feel for the first dance and your photographer does not have to worry about editing flashing lights out of the first dance pictures. With this package our requests cards can used in the downtime when guests are drinking and relaxing before the evening reception starts.



One of the most beautiful details about a barn as a wedding venue is the brickwork. This a defining feature of how personal and unique the barn is. Our bespoke barn lighting is available to highlight the brickwork when the lights go down, so the character of your barn isn't lost. It also gives a dramatic effect to make it a party atmosphere but in a natural and subtle way.


The lighting keeps the barn feel, but just adding in that extra spice that is needed at night time! Our lighting units can go any bespoke colour, so there is plenty of room for having an input. Maybe we could match the wedding colours you have chosen? Or maybe favourite colours? It is all doable with this finishing touch service. We offer lighting packages or we can offer a price per unit requested depending on your venue size. 

Frankie and Brendan-0532.jpg

Bespoke colours

Creating chill out areas

Creating dramatically lit areas

Transforming your venue room

Dramatic lighting of brickwork

Architectural lighting
Bespoke lighting for photos

Matching wedding colours

Matching favourite colours

Outdoor lighting


This takes care of all your audio needs for the entire wedding day & then the evening DJ and dance floor lighting. This package starts off with an early set up before the ceremony. This can either be the full Rustic DJ set up or a smaller more compact ceremony style set up depending on where your ceremony is in regards to the wedding breakfast and reception.


All of your ceremony music is taken care of along with background music through the reception drinks. We then supply background music for the wedding breakfast and professional wireless microphones for your speeches. This means you can relax with the speeches and make them from the tables but still get a crisp clear sound for all your guests to hear. Then it is party time!


The evening entertainment is taken care of by our Rustic DJ with your one of a kind rustic set up and we provide all the dance floor lighting for an awesome evening. 


Early ceremony set up

Ceremony music 

Drinks reception music

Background music for dinner

Wireless mics for the speeches

Rustic DJ Set up

Professional speaker system

Professional dance floor lighting

Professional DJ

Personal playlist where requested

Meeting in person

Full support up until the day

alex and richard.webp

Wood design 
Cool to touch bulbs

Photo opportunity 

Full day hire 

Evening only hire available

4 ft Battery powered Love Letters

4ft quirky rustic love block

Natural and rustic charm

​Ceremony styling


We offer completely rustic Love Letters. We have two options with this, the first being our 4ft Battery Powered Love Letters. These are free standing and are made out of wood, so they light up but keep a natural and rustic charm. Being battery powered they can easily be moved for photo opportunities and for changes that may occur during the day.  It also means they can be placed anywhere in your chosen venue with no need to worry about electricity. 

We also offer a 4ft Quirky Rustic Love Block. This unlike the letters is one stacked piece, so it can fit into areas where the usual love letters may not. It also comes in at a smaller pricing so it can help with budgets! The main attraction however is the uniqueness of it. This is mains powered but lights up a treat!





At The Rustic DJ we offer an open format DJ service. Open format means we do not stick to just one genre, we are experienced in all genres and we mix the music you and your guests want to hear. This could be disco, pop, rock, indie rock, pop punk, dance, house, edm, rnb, hip hop, 70's, 80's, motown... it is all available depending on your taste.


The type of music played on the evening is discussed in our free meeting but here are  some random mixes by genre to give you an idea of how the songs are creatively blended together and mixed on the evening. If listening on a mobile please select the listen in browser option so you are not directed off of our site. You can also head over to our mixcloud or soundcloud directly. 

More genres and mixes are available if you message through our contact form and all mixes can be sent over so you can download and listen at your leisure.

House, Edm, Garage, Hip Hop, Drum & Bass.png
char hits 2020 1.png
recent chart house.png
Summer Pop & Dance.png
Rnb, Pop & Hip Hop.png
pop late 90s early 00s.png
House & dance 1.png
Throwback 00s pop.png
80'S POP.png
Throwback House & Club.png
Throwback Hip Hop.png
pop and cheese.png
old wedding disco remixed.png
reggaeton and latin pop.png
00S POP PUNK.png



How long does it take to set up?

To have a nice comfortable set up and make sure everything is sounding good, looking good and ready to go we ask for a full hour where possible! 


Do you take requests ?

You can send over requests before the day and create MUST PLAY and DO NOT PLAY lists. We do take requests on the evening but we follow your music guidelines from our meeting when playing all requests. 


How do we decide what rustic set up to go for?

We send over examples of all the set ups available and also the styling and props we have available and this can be discussed in the meeting or on a call. You can then come to our showcase evening to get ideas also. 


How far do you travel?

We cover Oxfordshire, Cotswolds, Warwickshire, Wiltshire, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire however do get in touch as we can travel further afield with over night stays as an option. 



Do you take a deposit?

To secure the date we ask for a deposit payment which is taken from the full balance and books out our services. The deposit amount depends on the service booked. 

Sarah and Chris-1541.jpg


Full day or evening package?

This is mostly depends on your wedding venue. Some venues you will need a full day and evening service as there is no other means to play music during the day. 


How long do you DJ for?

Usually we set up just before the evening reception is about to begin and start off with some background music. The DJ set then runs from your first dance until the end of the evening. It usually works out to be 4.5 hours run time for the DJ set. 



Do we get a contract?

All bookings come with a contract so that you have everything in writing. This means you do not have to worry and know that your booking is safe and secure. 




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